"Pinot Noir on steroids"

It was a surprise to all involved that this feral little experimental block of vines - our 2010 vintage 'plaything', turned out to be such a cracker of a wine so early.

When taking a sample of Lady Bay Vineyard 2010 Temp from the barrels at the winery, I noticed that the winemakers had coded our batch of wine as, '10LBFAT.' which didn't make sense…CAB, SHZ, VIOG, ROS and the poor old Pinot Gris (PIG) were all familiar so I would have thought, '10LBTEM' or 'TEMP? When I asked about the code our winemaker grinned and explained that the winemaking team had proudly identified our Tempranillo as FAT as an acronym for what an Awesome Tempranillo it is…

Our first official tasting followed and when asked what he thought of how our Temp was looking in barrel, our Winemaker, Mike Brown declared, "like Pinot Noir on steroids" - which is not a stretch as Tempranillo is believed to be the genetic offspring of Pinot Noir and introduced to Spain by French monks.

Our robust and racy little Spanish red has taken to its seaside home and has resulted in a richly flavoured, complex, exciting and early-drinkig style of red that suits almost any kind of food. The wine is dark and brooding with plump, rich black and red berry flavours and garnished with earthy, savoury characters. It's quickly become our go-to wine at home and is always a winner when taken to dinner parties and barbecues.