It's a....Short-stem Flax Lily!

We're excited to announce the birth of a native plant species new to Lady Bay Vineyard. We've been waiting for a few weeks for flowers to appear so our Botanist friend, Ron can identify them.

While common to South Australia, Dianella brevicaulis is a native perennial herb which has not been seen before on our property, or at least not for a very long time. Livestock were removed from the property when we purchased it in 1987 and it’s likely that this native lily has recovered like many others since the land has been protected from grazing. Dianella brevicaulis, commonly named Coast Flax Lily, often grows near the coast and is tolerant of light salt spray.

This species has narrower leaves than the more common Dianella revoluta, and has pale blue flowers set in the base of the plant, followed by cobalt blue edible berries in summer. These lilies are a hardy, low maintenance and beautiful native alternative to planting Agapanthus in your garden at home. They grow best in full sun to part shade in well-drained sand and clay soils.

This plant is one of the hardiest dry gardening tufting plants and can be used in any landscape especially suited to coastal areas.Coast Flax Lily