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2014 Tempranillo

$24.99 each

Our Tempranillo was a rebel from inception – it was born from grafted Sauvignon Blanc. We didn’t have big expectations from our first vintage in 2010 – maybe a ton to play around with. We left the block to its own devices, allowing it to grow untrained and untamed.

Tempranillo bunches are enormous and heavy. The thick-skinned grapes hang like bags of jumbo black gobstoppers along the vine rows. Handpicking Tempranillo is time-consuming as the buckets fill faster than they can be collected, emptied and returned to the pickers. What didn’t fit onto the truck was left on the vines and enjoyed by resident birds, possums, roos, and by us with our muesli.

Due to naturally low acidity, Tempranillo is often blended with other varieties in its homeland of Spain to make the famous wines of Rioja. It is also often adjusted in the winery to conform to the usual technical parameters of other red wines, as it often appears deceptively unbalanced in comparison. Not so with ours – although the winemaking stats were indeed non-conformist, our experienced Winemaker is familiar with the rebellious nature of Temp and encouraged its wicked behavior with a minimal intervention strategy.

The result was an “Awesome Temp” (also known at the winery as F.A.T. – an acronym for exactly how awesome it is). It was a surprise that this feral little block of vines, our ‘play thing’, turned out to be such a cracker of a wine. Our strategy hasn’t changed for subsequent vintages and the Temp still runs wild.

This wine is complex, dark and brooding, plump with rich fruit flavour and garnished with herb and earthy characters. “Like Pinot Noir on Steroids” (according to our Winemaker) – which is not a
stretch. Tempranillo is believed to be the genetic offspring of Pinot Noir and introduced to Spain by French monks.

Winemaker: Mike Brown Viticulturalist:  Craig Willcocks
Alcohol: 14.5 % alc by vol Acres: Approx 8.0
Total Acidity: 3.8 g/L Elevation: 20 m above sea-level
PH: 6.4 Soil Type: Alluvial-Sandy Loam/Schist/Ironstone

6 months - French barriques

Cellaring: Why would you? – Drink it NOW!
Production: Limited – < 300 cases produced    

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